Orange County Opiate Detox

What is Opiate Detox?

Orange County Opiate Detox Center, Pure Path specializes in safe, comfortable, patient focused detoxification. Many Opiates are prescription pain killers such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percoset, and Dilaudid. Originally prescribed to relieve pain, extended use or overuse can lead to physical dependance leading to withdrawn symptoms when the opiates are no longer a person’s system. Detox is often easier and much more successful while in the care of a detox facility like Pure Path Orange County Opiate Detox.

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What are the Steps for Opiate Detox?

Patients have a much higher success rate while in a detox facility. Pure Path Opiate Detox in Orange County, greets each incoming patient with a consultation. This consultation focuses on the physical and mental aspects of detox. Each patient is different and therefore each person’s detox path will be different. Dedication to individualized care is what makes Pure Path Opiate Detox Orange County’s first choice for treatment.