What is Detox?

Detox is the process of overcoming both the emotional and physical dependence on an addictive substance like drugs or alcohol. At Pure Path we take it a step further and help our patients learn to live clean and free of that dependance so they can return to a normal social and professional life.

Detoxification is often the first and most essential step to full rehabilitation. A multifaceted facility like Pure Path Orange County Detox Center can treat with both medication and natural methods to tackle the physiological, biological and emotional attributes of addiction.
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Why Use Medication During Detox?

Medication is just one of the ways Pure Path Orange County Detox can help patients overcome addiction. During addiction and dependance on a substance, a person’s biochemistry changes. When that substance is removed “cold-turkey” those toxins remain in the body causing unsafe and extremely unpleasant with-drawl symptoms. The use of medication for detoxification is the safest, most effective, most comfortable way to get rid of those toxins and remove the physical aspects of addiction from a patient.

Why Choose Detox Only?

Price – Many patients choose to do detox only because it is less expensive than doing weeks or months of rehabilitation. Detox through a facility like Pure Path is often covered by insurance because it is the first and most important step to live addiction free.
Time – Your stay at Pure Path Orange County Detox Center is approximately 5x shorter than your stay at a rehabilitation facility. Many patients have children or elderly family members to care for. Many patients have careers get back to and businesses to run. Many other clients are afraid of the commitment to longer programs. Detox at Pure Path Orange County is effect, safe and comfortable. Many of our patients leave detox sober and choose to enter a rehab facility or out patient program to help maintain sobriety.